College: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….



It’s hard for me to remain optimistic about what’s going on in my life sometimes. I find myself wondering, where did I go wrong? Why am I in this situation? My peers who I graduated high school with tell me, your time in college will fly by. I served my 4 years like you, and I’m still going. I worked up to 40 hours per week and tackled 18, 19 and 20 credit hours while doing it. I’m drowning in homework, loans, lesson plans and drama from two jobs….

I find myself angry at anyone who gets to spend time doing whatever they want because I rarely get to.

Will my “American Dream” ever come true?

Sorry for the depressing thoughts. I’m just curious: is anyone else in this situation to?


More teaching


This school year has been the most challenging yet for a variety of reasons! But I’m so happy where I’m at. On Tuesday I taught the entire day (six thirty minute pull-out groups and one hour long inclusion class), today I volunteered the entire day with 6th graders (yikes, middle school?! Ikr??) and tomorrow I am going to the valentines day party. Also for work (I have 2 jobs, art instructor and after school teacher): I had a terrific art class (5 kids were absent –  could that be it?) and I don’t have to work the after school program because there is no school! 

Everything is moving so fast and I’m trying to keep positive through all the struggles