The Palace of Gold, New Vrindaban – WV


Map of WV.pngOn our way down to Pittsburgh, we stopped by a place that had been on my bucket list for a long time. I actually heard about this place from my instagram. You know the blond haired, alcohol loving girls who are also sporty and got free rides to college? No? How about the girls who request to follow you then unfollow you so they have 1,000,000 followers and only follow 6 people? (Just me still?? Next post: why those people are lame). Anyway, selfie loving girl posted a picture of herself at The Palace of Gold, and despite me rolling my eyes at her post, I realized that it actually looked really beautiful.


The Temple of Gold is located in New Vrindaban, West Virginia and just as the website explains, you should not follow your GPS directions because it will take you through the hills of West Virginia and your car will not be happy about it. Instead, use these directions:

From North, South, East and West:

  • 1) Enter the following destination into your GPS: “Bethlehem, WV, United States”

  • 2) Take West Virginia Exit 2 on I-470 (“Bethlehem”)

  • 3) Drive 13 miles south on Route 88 and Route 250 till you reach Limestone, here take a left for McCrearys Ridge Road

  • 4) Drive 4 miles to arrive at the Palace of Gold

  • 5) Take a slight left after passing the Palace and drive another 1/4 mile for the Krishna Temple

    IMG_9780Upon arrival, you are greeted by a landing that overlooks the rolling Appalachian hills of West Virginia (see above) and the view from the opposite side is just as stunning. You might find yourself wondering, “Why is this in West Virginia??”

IMG_9829The details of the building were so beautiful, and I loved the animal influence. As we walked around the temple, we first stumbled upon a pond in the distance covered in lily pads. There were just a few lilies in bloom during the time that I went.


Beyond the lily pond was a farm for cows.

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