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Salzburg, Austria — October 2017

I am slightly frustrated this morning:

  1. I clicked a wrong button on my bank’s website and now I can’t activate my online banking.  (I had it coming, really).
  2. I have no more underwear and the washing machine only runs on special coins that you have to buy from a kiosk, which is closed, because it is Sunday.
  3. The closest washing facility is almost 2 hours away.

So, I’ve decided to think back on happier times and tell you more about my stay in Salzburg, Austria!


I traveled with two friends who are also participating in the same English teaching program as me. It was my first time traveling without my boyfriend as my sole travel partner, and although I missed him, I enjoyed traveling with friends.

3 relieved English teachers after sprinting through the hbf at 6:42am

We took a Flixbus from Frankfurt to Salzburg, which cost about €24 one way (so €48 altogether). A 12 minute Verspätung in the morning almost caused us to miss the bus. We arrived at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof at exactly 6:42am when the bus was supposed to leave at 6:45am. One of my friends (aka track star) sprinted passed all of the Frankfurt businessmen, people waiting for buses on the streets and cars and knocked on the bus door. Luckily, we had an Arab bus driver who is not as pünktlich as a German bus driver might have been. [Y’all, my heart hurt for like an hour after that run!] It was a huge relief, and then, we drove for about 9 hours with a short break in München.



When we finally arrived in Salzburg, we dropped our things off at Yoho International Hostel — we all were in a mixed gender room with 6 people — and walked around the town.

Salzburg is cozy, quiet and sophisticated. I’ve never been in a place quite like it before.6Just like every other city I’ve been to in Europe, there was, of course a bit of construction ruining my photos (just a little). But the pastel perfection made up for the ugly construction.

Probably my favorite part about Salzburg was the nature. For starters, the Salzbach Fluss running through the city, the mountains surrounding the city, the parks nearby… Salzburg certainly fulfills the nature component on a nature lover’s travel wishlist. In fact, atop a mountain lies this church:

I don’t remember the name of this church!! But look how pretty..

More wandering brought us to the following sights:



Not sure what was so funny…:)
Look closely at the little gold ball…
Here it is up close! 

This was just the first full day of Salzburg! Can’t wait to talk more about the other cities we visited…





3 thoughts on “Salzburg, Austria — October 2017”

    1. I definitely recommend it! It’s so beautiful. I stayed in Salzburg for 5 days and made a day trip to Berchtesgaden in Bayern (1 hour away by bus) and Fuchl am See (not even 1 hour away by bus). The city of Halstatt is also very nice. Just some more ideas for you 🙂

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