Germany Confession

this looked more beautiful with my own eyes

Okay, fine. I have a confession to make.

When I first arrived in Germany, I was staying in a house relatively close to the Frankfurt area (on a map), but it took 2 hours to reach Frankfurt with a bus that came once an hour (sometimes once every two hours) and a one hour train ride.

During that time, no, I did not like Frankfurt. It was inconvenient, far, cooperate, and in my opinion at the time, over hyped. This was a problem considering my university is in Frankfurt, and the school I’m working at is very close to Frankfurt, too.

After two months of cursing either the program I’m participating in to teach English, or Frankfurt itself… I finally moved to  an apartment where it only takes about 15 minutes from the Hauptbahnhof to get to Frankfurt.

And, just like the Grinch, I feel like a brand new me!

Yes, it is true… I actually think I like Frankfurt… (Shh… don’t tell anyone).

croppedA few days ago, I met a friend in Frankfurt and we went to an adorable cafe called Sugar Mama. It looks every bit as cozy inside as it does on the outside.

Actually, I liked it so much that I went back to the cafe alone a couple days later to sit and get some homework and studying done.

I think this view reminds me a bit of home. Ohio is full of cute, cozy little cafes and the coffee scene is huge. This is something I am missing during my time in Germany.
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During my time in the cafe, I spoke German, drank a chai latte, and ate some cake. While I miss the cafe / coffee scene in Ohio, Ohio ain’t got nothing on Germany’s cake scene! Every time I visit a new cafe, I tend to try a new cake. This time, I tried a chocolate orange cake. I’m not huge about this combination, but it was still delish.


Not the greatest picture below. But, an observation about girls I’ve made after sitting here with my friend. Girls are actually really nice, you guys. Sitting across the room, my friend tells me (in German obv.,), “do you see the waitress? Her hair is so beautiful…” and we spent the next few minutes talking about her beautiful hair. And here she is, with her beautiful hair perfectly on display for you all!


Finally, another observation about girls. I wear make up. I like make up a lot. I own some expensive brands, I love Sephora and watching make up videos on Instagram and can appreciate a nice nailfie.

I do not like the trend of “love urself! you don’t need make up to be beautiful!” Out of principle, I don’t like it when someone else tells me how to dress, act, be, etc. as a girl. I am not comfortable leaving the house without make up. I think this is partially because I have fairly low self esteem occasionally (I’m not the only one, right?…) and make up helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin. So, when I went to the bathroom to fix my make up, I was not too thrilled to see this instead of a mirror:

What a nightmare?! I pulled out my tiny compact mirror and fixed my make up anyway, thank you very much!


The sun began to set so early, and that’s really all the time I have before I try to finally apply to get my visa!

I’m so nervous… I think complaining about the bureaucracy in Germany deserves it’s own blog post. Or, maybe a couple blog posts!




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