Heidelberg, Germany — October 2017

The inspiration to write and share pictures is just flowing today! My recommendation to anyone traveling to Germany is to put Heidelberg on their travel list! I was only in Heidelberg as a day trip from Frankfurt. With the train, it takes about 1.5 hours to get there. The city of Heidelberg is actually quite… Continue reading Heidelberg, Germany — October 2017

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Salzburg, Austria — October 2017

I am slightly frustrated this morning: I clicked a wrong button on my bank's website and now I can't activate my online banking.  (I had it coming, really). I have no more underwear and the washing machine only runs on special coins that you have to buy from a kiosk, which is closed, because it… Continue reading Salzburg, Austria — October 2017


Salzburg Beauty & Life Reflections

Today is the last day of Herbstferien: a 2 week break from school in the Autumn. I have never had a happier time in my life where on my "school breaks" I actually don't have to work or attend classes (at least for 1 of my weeks). I find that reflecting on my past hasn't… Continue reading Salzburg Beauty & Life Reflections


The Worst Thing That Could Happen in Salzburg

In this beautiful European wonderland, the worst thing that could ever happen is indeed happening. My DSLR camera, or rather -- the lens,  has decided to stop taking pictures and has left me with no other option but to use my iPhone. But don't worry, I'm not giving up that easily. Even though half of… Continue reading The Worst Thing That Could Happen in Salzburg


Vancouver, BC – Canada

Just looked through some of the pictures I took while in Vancouver in March 2017 and now I need to know, WHY HAVE I PUT OFF WRITING ABOUT VANCOUVER FOR THIS LONG?? Vancouver is active, green, a foodie's paradise, rainy, diverse, and beautiful. Originally, we wanted to travel to Washington state - aka hipsters headquarters… Continue reading Vancouver, BC – Canada


No, You Can’t Have the Link To My Blog

Moin! (A 7th grader told me, "that's what we say here in Germany") Today is Tag Der Deutschen Einheit -- and my first Feier Tag with no school! So far I've spent my day off being hungry, and sitting in my room and researching different cities to visit. So much for getting out of bed… Continue reading No, You Can’t Have the Link To My Blog