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Salzburg, Austria — October 2017

I am slightly frustrated this morning: I clicked a wrong button on my bank's website and now I can't activate my online banking.  (I had it coming, really). I have no more underwear and the washing machine only runs on special coins that you have to buy from a kiosk, which is closed, because it… Continue reading Salzburg, Austria — October 2017


Chumphon, Thailand — December 2016

Honestly, this stop probably needs a few blog posts for me to be able to uncover all of the beauty I found in it. It's been quite a few months (about 9 to be exact) and I'm still totally in love with Chumphon, Thailand! It was hands down my favorite city in Thailand that I… Continue reading Chumphon, Thailand — December 2016


The Palace of Gold, New Vrindaban – WV

  On our way down to Pittsburgh, we stopped by a place that had been on my bucket list for a long time. I actually heard about this place from my instagram. You know the blond haired, alcohol loving girls who are also sporty and got free rides to college? No? How about the girls… Continue reading The Palace of Gold, New Vrindaban – WV


Innis Woods Park

It's senior picture palooza! Poised and posed with a pretty backdrop Innis Woods Gardens in Westerville is a definite favorite for any occasion in which you need pictures. It's also definitely a great place for a stroll through nature. And if you have kids, make sure you stop and look into the lake under the… Continue reading Innis Woods Park