Vancouver, BC – Canada



Just looked through some of the pictures I took while in Vancouver in March 2017 and now I need to know, WHY HAVE I PUT OFF WRITING ABOUT VANCOUVER FOR THIS LONG??

Vancouver is active, green, a foodie’s paradise, rainy, diverse, and beautiful. Originally, we wanted to travel to Washington state – aka hipsters headquarters of America, I think. The flights were so expensive, and just north of Washington is Canada. I think we ended up paying $200 for two plane tickets.

March is not necessarily peak traveling season for Vancouver. The rumors are true, it is very rainy. It literally did not stop raining some days, but it had random bouts of sunshine.

We ended up staying in (south?) Vancouver near Stanley Park at the Buchan Hotel (1906 Haro St., Vancouver, BC). The rooms were very basic, small, but very comfortable. Best of all, the location was prime, and located very close to amazing restaurants and not too far from shopping. In fact, we got around the city mostly from walking, and very rarely from using public transportation.


Some kind of steam powered clock

One of the days, we ended up visiting Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. The Conservatory was relatively easy to access by foot (with a rain jacket and umbrella in hand). It is a domed aviary, and popular with bird lovers, old people and children alike!


I think part of the problem with traveling is the intense nostalgic feeling I get when I look back at old pictures. I was only in Vancouver for 5 days and my heart actually misses this trip so much. At the time of, the rain was too much for me. I was really upset at how wet my clothes got, and how cold everything was. But looking back, the comfort of finding a store to take refuge in, trekking across the beautiful city and taking in the smells made it all worth it.

My absolute favorite part about the trip was the last day we were there when we visited Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and hiked. IMG_9090IMG_9202

I’m still amazed at the color the water is. That’s honestly all the reflecting my heart can take for one day.

Stay tuned, I’ll *probably* post more.



Vancouver is for foodies


I am not ashamed to admit that the majority of the week I spent in Vancouver involved consuming delicious foods and drinks (and the rest of the time involved me being active to find new food and drinks). I don’t regret a second of it.

People in Columbus, Ohio brag about how diverse the food choices here are, and honestly, Columbus pales in comparison to Vancouver. Middle Eastern, Ukrainian, Chilean, Thai, Korean, Italian… and that’s only to name a few.

My favorite quote from my time in Vancouver was:

“I just don’t want to look back and think ‘I could have eaten that.'”



Vancouver, British Columbia — March 30th, 2017



I haven’t even finished telling my story about Thailand, but I recently visited Vancouver and wanted to share a thought I had.

On our final day in Vancouver, it finally stopped raining. (And when I say raining, I mean… monsoon, torrential downpour nonstop all day, all night but people are still outside anyway rain). It was still pretty chilly, but the sun was out. I wanted to go to Grouse mountain, but my legs were so soar from all of the hiking I had done already so we visited a smaller park: Lynn Canyon.

We came across the suspension bridge and it was so crowded with people. I wanted a shot of the bridge empty, but after waiting for about 5 minutes, I gave up and captured everyone on the bridge. I was originally irritated by this, but then I realized that all of these people were here for the same reason I was. Everyone was taking pictures, enjoying the view from below, and enjoying the rocky walk across.

The more I travel, the more I realize how similar everyone is to each other.

(And it took a suspension bridge for me to realize that!)

I’ll upload more Vancouver pictures soon!