Vancouver, BC – Canada

Just looked through some of the pictures I took while in Vancouver in March 2017 and now I need to know, WHY HAVE I PUT OFF WRITING ABOUT VANCOUVER FOR THIS LONG?? Vancouver is active, green, a foodie's paradise, rainy, diverse, and beautiful. Originally, we wanted to travel to Washington state - aka hipsters headquarters… Continue reading Vancouver, BC – Canada



Some late summer thoughts on friendships, and the future. ~ I think it happens about once every year. For as long as I can remember, my friend group changes. Nothing really happens, there's no huge fight or drama, we just eventually stop talking. I feel like there's been a dozen times where I've made plans… Continue reading 7/26/17


Innis Woods Park

It's senior picture palooza! Poised and posed with a pretty backdrop Innis Woods Gardens in Westerville is a definite favorite for any occasion in which you need pictures. It's also definitely a great place for a stroll through nature. And if you have kids, make sure you stop and look into the lake under the… Continue reading Innis Woods Park